Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who's Got Your Back?

Christmas last year was my first Christmas away from home. My parents were going to send me a package and they asked me what I wanted for christmas. I told them to send me Emma (see above with bazooka and utility belt), my teddy bear. You might be thinking 'lame.' I thought so too, but then I met "Blankie," Sister Nielsen's blanket, Sister Patterson's sword (yes she slept with it), Sister Winder's chocolate, Sister Barnes' turtle, and Sister Austin's sock (don't ask).

We all have things that we lean on when we get sad, discouraged, scared, lonely, etc. These things, though of value in their own right, can bring only temporary relief to our trials. God gives us a way to overcome and have lasting peace through the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost is also known as the Comforter John 14:16-17;26 because it is the peace that comes when we cast our burden on the Lord. It is the still small voice that guides us to truth, and leads us to safety when in danger.

He sends us the Holy Ghost or the Spirit to sustain us in our trial. The Spirit tells us there is more to life than what is before our eyes. God has a plan for each of us individually and specifically, He knows our potential and restores our hope through the Comforter.

I have felt the Spirit through feelings of peace, love, and a desire to be more than I am. Recently, I have felt the sadness that comes from the passing of those that are dear to me. Though that grief is necessary, I felt great comfort in taking it to the Lord. I know that the Spirit is real. I felt it as I prayed. I actually feel stronger and have more desire to live and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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