Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Toilet Paper on the Counter

Inspiration that struck me while I was...well I'll let you figure that out. Toilet paper. Instead of replacing the roll on the holder, have you ever just placed it on the counter? After some introspection, I discovered two main reasons for this behavior. Number one, I am just "too busy" at the moment, and number two, I feel that I have sufficiently satisfied my duty to the person that follows if I just stick the roll on the counter rather than putting it properly in the holder.

On a six-ply level- How easy is it for us to live our lives this way? Filling our lives with everyday to the point that we are "too busy" that it is all we can do to just satisfy our duty to the next guy. Lately, my toilet paper's been on the counter, and there it will remain as a reminder for me to take a step back, laugh, and count my blessings. Take a step back because heaven's perspective is always better than your own. Laugh because its time to cut yourself some slack, and count your blessings because they are given with love and in abundance.